SDS E-Business Server® | EBS | PGP Encryption Product offers Powerful,
Automated, Simplified Data Security

E-Business Server delivers a suite of advanced data encryption and authentication tools that can be set up and managed from a single console. There’s no need to search for an E-Business Server Replacement!

Protect data within the enterprise and share it securely and confidently with individuals and organizations outside your own networks.


KEY FEATURES of E-Business Server:

Unbreakable PGP Encryption

E-Business Server uses PGP strong encryption algorithms, delivering unmatched levels of security and privacy.

Automated, Comprehensive Security

Protect and encrypt a wide variety of data in transit and at rest without user interaction, including emails, file transfers, archives, and desktops.

Fast, secure transmission

Save bandwidth and disk space and improve transmission speed with all-in-one encryption, authentication, and compression for files of 4GB and more.

Transmission integrity

Verify origins and ensure the integrity of transmissions with automatically created and verified digital signatures, and user-generated and managed keys.

Multi-platform encryption

Encrypt data end-to-end between a wide range of environments, including: IBM z/OS, IBM AIX, HP-UX, Sun Solaris, Windows, Red Hat Linux, and SUSE Linux. Plus, automatically convert text files from EBCDIC to ASCII or vice versa for easy integration of IBM, Unix, and Windows.

Extensive integration

E-Business Server integrates with:

  • C and Java applications
  • Scripts for Linux, Unix, Solaris, Windows, and z/OS USS
  • z/OS JCL, batch processes and the TSO environment