SDS E-Business Server® | EBS | Ensure Data Security throughout the
Enterprise—and Beyond

If you store and transmit sensitive data through automated business processes, trust E-Business Server to give you the industry-leading encryption and security tools you need. There’s no need to replace E-Business Server.

E-Business Server is an excellent and affordable option for small and large businesses alike, but this encryption solution is perfect for Fortune 1,000 corporations, other large enterprises and government agencies that require large-scale data-protection on a variety of platforms, from z/OS mainframe to Distributed platforms (ie. Windows®, Linux, AIX, Solaris). Utilizing versatile APIs and PGP encryption, which protects encrypted data at rest and in motion, E-Business Server offers strong encryption that integrates with the widest range of applications and platforms.

It’s important to note that since acquiring E-Business Server, SDS has been continuously updating and improving this solution. After several major, new versions have been released, SDS E-Business Server has many more important features than it did years ago at the time of acquisition and much of the product’s framework has been optimized and improved.

Protect data with unbreakable encryption

Using an industry-standard, automated system of encryption, decryption, digital signing, and authentication, E-Business Server protects data seamlessly across an extensive range of enterprise applications, scripts, and batch functions.

Share securely with remote partners

Whether your business processes transmit data between vendors, business partners, branch offices, or individuals, E-Business Server ensures data security both inside and outside your organization. Even if the recipients use unencrypted networks, the data you transmit to them remains secure from end to end.

Meet auditing and compliance regulations

Regularly updated with state-of-the-art encryption algorithms and other security features, E-Business Server meets the stringent requirements of a wide range of auditing and compliance organizations, including the PCI (Payment Card Industry) Security Standards Council.

Simplify the data-protection process

Set up and manage multiple servers from a single console using simple commands, and embed automated security protocols into proprietary and third-party applications or batch processing using mainframe scripting or optional native APIs.